Canine Semen Exports and Imports

We at Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc have quickly become a major hub for
canine frozen semen imports and exports. Our experienced staff
work with veterinarians across the United States and Canada to
ensure your international shipments are handled properly and
will pass easily through customs at the point of entry.

Our job is to make the import/export process as easy as possible
for the importer and the exporter. We work with all semen freezing
methods and companies. Straw methods, or pelleted methods, we
work with all of them! We prepare the health and import
documents and assist the importer to obtain required permits or
licenses. We work with USDA to assure that all requirements are met.

In many cases, we can arrange a group shipment for your semen in
order to significantly reduce the shipping costs. Solo exports can be
arranged if necessary. Australia is our most popular import/Export
country and we ship in groups about every 8 weeks. The tank is then
returned with semen being imported to into the US, further reducing
costs to our clients.

We ship to the United Kingdom, Ireland and many European and
Scandinavian countries several times each year and can often offer
group shipments and return import services.

Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc ships to the following countries at
least a few times each year:

Czech Republic
Holland (The Netherlands)
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom

For countries not on the above list, in most cases we can import
and export on an individual basis.

The US currently has no restrictions on the import of canine semen.
If enough time is allowed, we can often import semen with our tanks
being returned from export. AKC requires that all dogs collected for
export must have AKC DNA. A 3 generation pedigree and a release of
ownership to the importer should accompany the shipment.
Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc can provide forms and DNA swabs upon request.
If these documents are provided, Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc will register
the semen in your name with the AKC as part of our import services Fees:

Fees for exports will vary depending on the number of clients sharing
the shipment, and the country of export. Group shipments average
between 900 and 1500 dollars. Solo shipments, average 2000-2500
dollars, again depending on shipping cost.

Import fees are based on the costs involved. If the semen is returned
in our tank from one of our importing countries, the cost for shipping,
customs fees, tank rental and prep are shared between all importing 
and exporting parties. Once we have your details, we will provide an

Instructions for shipping fresh chilled semen to Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc

We normally ship via Federal Express. Occasionally it is necessary
to ship via air cargo. In that case, a broker may be required at the
receiving end.

Stud fee arrangements are to be made between the importer and
exporter before the shipment takes place. These fees are not included
in Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc quotes. Payment to the receiving storage
facility is usually arranged directly with that facility.

Please plan ahead for your shipment. Many countries require that
vaccine programs and laboratory testing be completed within a specific
time frame and often a post collection exam is required 2-6 weeks
following the collection. A few countries require quarantine of the
semen and re-examination of the donor dog as much as 6 months
following the collection.

It is extremely important that you contact
our export office prior to vaccinations and blood sampling.

Each country has requirements that may include vaccines and blood
sampling carried out in a certain time frame. Testing for c. brucellosis
and leptospirosis is often required and the method and dilution protocol
can be very different from country to country. Incorrect testing or
vaccine protocol may result in a non-qualifying situation.

Do not vaccinate your dog in preparation for exports with rabies
or lepto vaccines before contacting us.

Most countries require the stud dog to be microchipped as the
form of identification. Most foreign registries and agricultural
departments do not accept DNA or registry numbers as the id.
The donor dog will need to have a microchip implanted before
collection. The dog’s microchip should be scanned at the time of
vaccination, blood sampling and collection and the microhip
number must be present on all documents including lab reports,
rabies or lepto vaccine certificates and health documents.

The importer is responsible for contacting the agricultural department
in their country of import for current requirements and import permits.
(For Australian exports, the import permit will be supplied.)

While we will try to accommodate emergency shipments, the
requirements of the importing country must be met. Delays in
customs and back-logs at USDA are not unusual and
are not within our control.

If you have questions or are planning to export or import, please
email us with your details and we will get right back to you. Emails
are generally returned faster than phone calls due to the high volume
of calls we receive. A member of our import/export staff can advise you.

It will be our pleasure to help you with your next export or import
and we always welcome pictures of the resulting litters!

We are very proud of our level of expertise, reputation and customer
service here at Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc and ICSB Grass Valley.
Here is what some of our clients are saying about us……..

"Bridgett's expertise was invaluable to me when I was importing frozen
semen from overseas. Working with her turned an extremely confusing,
stressful process into a relatively easy one. She was very responsive in
answering all my questions, and I appreciated her attention to detail
from beginning to end. I recommend her highly, and would not hesitate
to work with her again in the future."
Christine Hsu, California

"Having dogs collected in the U.S. for Australia was virtually impossibility
in the past until I found Bridgett! I couldn't recommend anybody highly
enough. Bridgett you are an absolute delight to work with, your professional
manner and service is second to none – Thank you so much!”
Shylie Humphries, Australia

"It is not often you come across exceptional customer service, but ICSB-GV
is definitely in that category. When sending 'precious cargo' internationally,
it is imperative you have trust in who you are dealing with and ICSB Grass
Valley actively fostered that relationship from the start. They kept me
informed every step of the way and the whole process has been smooth
and seamless.
ICSB Grass Valley is not the first company I have used for the collection and
transportation of frozen semen but it is the ONLY one I will use from now on."
Anna Lee Forsberg, Australia

“Dear Bridgett
You are so good and on to it, thanks for the whole enchilada, it’s very much
appreciated and we will keep in touch with our breeding results.
You will come highly recommended and will certainly be getting you to do our
collections from now on, what areas do you extend to?
Thanks again and have let our vet know about its arrival.”
Martyn Slade, New Zealand

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